How to Install InsertPicture for PowerPointTM 2011

After you place your order at the Kagi web site, you will receive an email message that contains a link that downloads the add-in. The add-in is downloaded to your computer as a compressed zip file called Then follow these instructions:

Here's how to install the add-in, step-by-step:

1. In Finder, double-click the downloaded zip file called
Finder will decompress (unzip) the downloaded file. You will see a new file called InsertPicture2011.ppam, which is the add-in.

2. Drag InsertPictureP2011.ppam to the Applications > Microsoft Office 2011 > Office > Add-Ins folder.
Screen shot of file path

3. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
4. On the Tools menu choose Add-Ins to open the Add-Ins dialog.
5. In the Add-Ins dialog click the Add button to open a file browsing dialog.
6. Select InsertPicture2011.ppam and then click the Open button. A macro warning dialog will appear.
7. In the macro warning dialog click the ENABLE MACROS button.
8. Click the Close button to close the Add-Ins dialog.

Installation is complete. You will now see the InsertPicture toolbar docked at the top left corner of the PowerPoint window in Normal view. The toolbar will appear automatically whenever you open the PowerPoint application.

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To permanently remove the add-in, drag InsertPicture2011.ppam to the trash and then empty the trash.

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