About Microsoft Office 2011 and Automator

System Requirements:    
Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition does not have Automator Actions.
   This does not work with Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition.

Automator Actions
must be present. To test whether or not Automator Actions are installed on your computer:

What is an Automator Action?
Automator is an application that comes with your Mac as part of the Mac OS X operating system. You'll find the Automator application in your Applications folder along with your other applications. You can build Automator actions that add additional capabilities to many applications, including Microsoft Office 2011 (except for the Home and Student edition).

How do I make an Automator Action?
I hope to make several web pages detailing how to make some Automator Actions that I think will be very useful to many people. Let's start with one that's both fun and useful. Tip: Make an Automator Actions folder for storing your Automator Actions in your Documents folder.